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Arts Degree Show

Twenty Twenty

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'Stories from the Stars' initial characters and concepts

'Stories from the Stars' initial characters and concepts

Before creating my initial final illustrations for my graphic novel, I drew some key scenes and characters that would help tell the story visually.
I also created a quick 'flyleaf' page similar to my children's storybook (pictured bottom left) to act as a buffer between my cover page and first double page spread.

‘Look, it’s the Wild!’ final double page spread outcomes

‘Look, it’s the Wild!’ final double page spread outcomes

I used minimal line in my final designs to help keep the imagery simple and fun - suitable for a children’s picture book.

I also wanted to demonstrate how the UV ink would work in my storybook, so I included an image with strong contrast between purple and green tones to show which elements would glow under the applied UV light.

Mock-up examples for both my storybooks

Mock-up examples for both my storybooks

I wanted to show how my images would look when applied to their storybook forms.
The left image shows how my audience would use my storybook 'Look, it's the Wild!' with the additional interactive element of the UV light.
The image on the right shows my fantasy / thriller graphic novel 'Stories from the Stars' applied in a bookstore context.

‘Everything is Connected’ competition piece

‘Everything is Connected’ competition piece

As part of my final project I designed a response to a competition brief asking us to demonstrate ‘symbiosis’, or an innate connection between nature, animals and humans.

'Time for Change'

'Time for Change'

In my first semester I also created a ‘call to action’ eco video for Extinction Rebellion, a group addressing the international climate crisis.
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2e7nUzhhqc

Ali Myers

I am a multimedia illustrator and ethical designer. I work in a narrative and decorative format using digital illustration, animation, photography and videography to respond to my briefs.

For my final project I made a children's picture book, a young adult's graphic novel and an illustrated competition piece.
My children's picture book is for ages 4-8, and focuses on moving house, exploring nature, and making friends. My young adult fantasy / thriller graphic novel includes female empowerment, fortune-telling, magic, mythology, mermaids and monsters.

I have developed my digital skills in parallel with my visual language and unique style to easily communicate a message.
I enjoy producing creative solutions for difficult briefs, and have been described as dedicated, hard working and passionate by my peers and tutors.

After graduation I will work in the Loughborough Enterprise Park, developing storybooks, self help products and working on freelance briefs.
I also plan to work for animation, film and game studios in their art departments, as well as working for ethically- focused design studios and charities in my spare time.


An industrial report: careers within illustration

Final year project

I made 3 projects entitled 'Look, it's the Wild!' 'Stories from the Stars' and 'Everything is Connected'


I received a digital design certification from Collage Arts for leading a successful live-brief animation project.

I also received a certificate from Escape Studios in London after completing a 2D and 3D Animation course, using Toon Boom Harmony and Maya software.


I completed multiple internships and work experience while on my Placement year. I worked as a photographer and videographer for Pearson College in London while graduates from the BA courses pitched their developed ideas to a panel of industry pros.
I also worked as a Digital Designer lead in Collage Arts in London, creating a pitch, storyboard and promotional animations for a sci-fi event in London.
I also worked as an Art and Photography lead for Camp America, teaching children aged 6-16 photography and art, creating lesson plans and instructing large classes with varying ages.
In my first year of Loughborough, I was also the Media Representative for Loughborough Space Society, creating flyers, posters, Snapchat filter, Facebook events and space-themed stickers.


May 2019 - June 2019

Graphic Designer , Fifth Black Media, Hong Kong

April 2019 - May 2019

Prop and Set Designer , Trailblazer, London

September 2018 - October 2018

Creative Marketing , Murdoch Books, London