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Arts Degree Show

Twenty Twenty

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‘Rockfall,’ are soft cushioned like boulders edged with fringing. The boulders are magnetized to the metal wall, suspended, waiting to be interacted with. This gives a moveable, dynamic interior to be changed, played with, cuddled and to bring enjoyment. The boulders are durable and water-resistant, filled with waste fabrics, to minimize the designers environmental impact on the planet.

'Unrooted' visualisation

'Unrooted' visualisation

‘Unrooted’ visualisation, illustrates the multifunctional pocket which can be tailored to the user’s body. The piece has multiple ways of attachment due to a fabricated belt made from reclaimed material. Unrooted allows nature to be by your side.



‘Unrooted,’ is a carrier made from biodegradable digital embroidery, reclaimed fabric and water-resistant oil cloth. This piece was inspired by algae and the designer’s childhood memories of her grandparents’ unkempt garden. Unrooted, is designed as a fashion accessory, allowing for multi-purpose use.

'Autumn's Playful Light'

'Autumn's Playful Light'

‘Autumn’s playful light’ is an interactive wall divider which glows a golden luminosity when placed against sunlight. This piece is inspired by the glimmering of light through autumnal trees, to help promote the user’s wellbeing and reduce stress. 'Autumn’s playful light' is comprised of elastic for interaction and water-resistant oil cloth, making it durable for manipulation and handling.



‘Humidity’ is a textured wall feature, designed for users to brush against and feel comforted by the tactile qualities. The piece is created from a digital print and hand manipulated into slashed tucks. The pattern is based on two paintings of algae merged together and printed onto certificated organic cotton.

Alice Burnhope

Alice Burnhope is a multi-disciplinary textile designer and Sarabande scholar, specialising in interactive and sensory wellbeing artwork. She utilises discarded fabrics to address the current imbalance between material use, waste and the effect on the natural environment.

This collection awakens the importance of the natural environment and the sensory experience of being immersed within nature. Alice has been enlightened by childhood memories of play in her grandparents’ garden which has evoked feelings of joy and comfort from being submerged in the natural unkempt world.

There is growing evidence that urban residents may suffer from ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ because of the lack of access to green spaces either personal or communal. Consequently, they are alienated from the wonderful regenerative, essential and therapeutic experiences of nature. The recent and ongoing lockdown due to COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of being in nature for supporting wellbeing but also how urban residents are deprived from easy access to such spaces.

This project brings biophilic design into urban interiors, using recycled textiles and traditional craft, to support wellbeing and connectivity to nature. The mixture of processes, highlights the designer’s multi-disciplinary skill set which has manifested itself in the creation of a diverse and emotive interior collection.

Alice’s aspirations are to use textiles to create playful community spaces inspired by nature. Her aims are to interactively promote nature’s ability to improve personal wellbeing which are grounded in a holistic, socially and environmentally considered philosophy.


University libraries: A space to support mental wellbeing

Final year project

'A Sense of Nature'


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies

'20 artist residency - I was selected by Katrina Wilde to be participant in 4 day 'stay at home' artist residency as part of a project with People's Bureau, which included craft skill swaps, online video and exhibition.

'20 selected to be an exhibitor at Première Vision Paris

'19 Fashion Revolution Ambassador, Loughborough University - This position enabled the creation of the first 'Loughborough University Clothes Swap 2019,' which raised money for Fashion Revolution and brought a range of small sustainable, independent businesses together to sell their products. By creating the clothes swap, single handedly, developed my skills of organisation, promotion and communication between businesses, students, staff and the public.

'19 during London Craft Week 2019, I was part of a collaboration with the Shelter Kings Cross Boutique, to create a tapestry of ‘what does home mean to you?’ The public and I, helped embroider scrap fabrics and later patchwork the embroidery to make a tapestry, which is displayed in their boutique in Coals Drop Yard, London.

'18 selected to be an exhibitor at Première Vision Paris

'17 several works were selected for the 'Making History' exhibition at Charnwood Community Centre

'16 awarded the Sarabande Foundation Scholarship, by Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation. This opportunity, has allowed me to interact with cutting edge creatives, developing my interpersonal skills, as well as working in a collaborative environment over the last four years.

'16 awarded the 'John Mack Foundation Prize,' by Loughborough University

'16 'Transparency and Layers' installation, exhibited at Loughborough University

'16 Foundation Year Postcard Art show, exhibited at Loughborough University


In July 2019, I interned at John Alexander Skelton a menswear’s fashion designer based in Soho, London. My role as studio intern was heavily based in pattern-cutting, dyeing fabric and mending worn clothing, as well as learning invaluable technical skills in garment construction.

Spring 2019, I worked for three months at Anne Kyyro Quinn Design, London. My role in the company was studio intern, helping in the production and fabrication of samples to large acoustic panels. Technical skills ranged from using industrial equipment to hand finishing and pattern cutting.

During 2018 to 2019, I was employed at PriestmanGoode, London. My role was ‘Colour, Material and Finishes’ intern. I proactively researched emerging trends, as well as selecting colour schemes and materials for several key projects, as well as managing the material library. Additionally, I dealt with aspects of front office duties undertaking these in a friendly and approachable manner, developing my communication skills when conversing with suppliers and clients. I learnt to manage my time effectively, often working to tight deadlines on design projects.

Throughout September to November 2016, I volunteered as Assistant Tutor on the Foundation BTEC Diploma at Loughborough University. Within this role, I was approachable, helpful and supportive to new students, who were adjusting to University life and their course.


July 2018 - April 2019

CMF Intern, PriestmanGoode

April 2019 - June 2019

Studio Intern, Anne Kyyrö Quinn Design

July 2019 - July 2019

Studio Intern, John Alexander Skelton