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Arts Degree Show

Twenty Twenty

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Downhill campaign - Instagram competition

Downhill campaign - Instagram competition

First of three instagram posts designed to engage the audience - Competition to win a free ski holiday.

Gone Girl campaign - teaser posters

Gone Girl campaign - teaser posters

Two of the five teaser posters for the film Gone Girl to be displayed on the London Underground tubes. The first poster (Judy) changes to second, when the tube enters the tunnel.

The Invisible Man - title sequence

The Invisible Man - title sequence

Due to Covid-19, I was unable to film the title sequence for The Invisable Man. Therefore, I designed a detailed storyboard illustrating how the story unfolds.

Amy Pemberton

My work is centred around typography and branding. My main focus being film, digital and print design.

The main focus of my academic projects has been film. The designs range from campaigns to visual storytelling. I am fascinated by visuals, colours and typography that have the ability to provoke an audience to engage their thoughts and feelings. I enjoy pushing my ideas outside the box, to create innovative ways of connecting with the audience, specifically through digital and print design. I am keen to continue developing my passion for typography by exploring motion graphic type, that will help me to portray more personality within my work. This will in turn allow the viewer to connect with my work on a personal level, as I feel this in important in design. My overall ambition is to pursue a career in title design, as I enjoyed studying both typography and storytelling at University.

Final year project

Downhill / Gone Girl / The Invisible Man


- WAAChosen
The live brief: design a logo for a smart house company. I researched other logos that included these aspects and produced initial ideas alongside contextual images of how the logo would look with their original branding.
Skills: Develop my creativity, how to respond to a live brief and decision making for a client’s logo.

- Bareface Media
The live brief: create a concept for a healthy eating app aimed at children age 5-13. I researched food apps and what features it uses to interact with the target audience. I presented my idea to my team and received feedback on my idea and presentation skills.
Skills: Presentation skills, work towards tight deadlines and communication skills.

- Volunteering at Solihull Swimming Club
Coaching young children how to swim from the ages 5-15. This involves session planning, lane management and development of stroke technique. I also teach swimming and water confidence to beginner groups and non-swimmers.
Skills: Flexible, positive attitude, problem solving and communication levels for different ages as well as parents.

I have had part time jobs in retail, as a retail assistant, and in the catering industry as a waitress.
Skills (retail): Persuasion, sense of urgency with tasks set and time management
Skills (catering): Patients, follow instructions and people skills.