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Twenty Twenty

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The Hypercube (the crucifix shaped object) is a 3D net of a 4 dimensional object. It represents our limitations to engage whilst signifying a higher dimension.

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Ciaran Buttress

My work flows from my interest in language and communication. In academic terms, the epistomology of semiotics. In friendly terms, I'm fascinated by the process in which we obtain and communicate truth.

My work focuses on foreign language to highlight our dependence on convention in understanding and communication. Since studying in Japan, I have become fascinated with translation and interpretation. Specifically, if truth is obtainable. Researching language philosophy, semiotic theory, and linguistics lead me to wright my own manifesto to theorise the validity of truth despite our dependence upon conventions.

I am very motivated to become fluent in the Japanese language and hope to return to Japan to achieve that goal. I would like my future to utilise my passion for communication in a Japanese context. The Fine Arts has given me a great foundation in communicating visually with an acute awareness of how language and signs operate. I feel this is invaluable in my ambition to translate, interpret, and engage within a different culture.


An investigation into the communicative graphic form of the Japanese written language in relation to its calligraphic art 書道芸術に関連する日本語書記言語の伝達能力についての調査研究

Final year project

The Sublime Convention


'20 Diploma in International Studies


When studying in Japan I had the opportunity to work as a global teaching assistant at Kansai University. This involved teaching English and culture but brought many challenges. With no set schedule and varying levels of English ability, the class needed a lot of creative and intuitive decision making. It taught me how to not only deliver content well but also, to cater for and sympathise with individuals personal needs.
I have spent a lot of time volunteering with international students both when abroad and in the UK, which has informed my passion for cross cultural communication. Summer volunteering with Friends International and my role as International Coordinator for the Loughborough University Christian Union saw me catering for peoples needs beyond education. Time living in other countries has also fostered my appreciation and love for language, translation and interpretation, but most importantly, the people from who the communication comes.