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Twenty Twenty

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Unlocked Spaces: Engaging the user

Unlocked Spaces: Engaging the user

User engaging with the tactile quality of the fabric in chosen outdoor space.
Thicker yarns used within this fabric, to add a new tactile difference. These rope sections were added through the weft and then sewn down after woven. This allowed engagement with the textures to potentially combat anxious feelings and thoughts.

Made from plant yarns: Cotton & Jute twine.
All yarns dyed by hand.

Unlocked Spaces: Block cushion with tapestry rug

Unlocked Spaces: Block cushion with tapestry rug

Both a jacquard cushion and hand woven rug used together for comfort and relaxing needs.

Cushion is a jacquard fabric with added bias binding detail and tassels on the corner made from warp and weft yarns.
Rug contains traditional hand weaving and tapestry elements such as tasselling on the bottom of the sample, yarn looping and soumak stitching for added colour and texture intensity.

Rug contains dyed jute within the warp as a dip dyeing technique was used to create difference through the warp and samples.

Made from plant yarns: Cotton & Jute twine.
All yarns dyed by hand.

Unlocked Spaces: Indoor use

Unlocked Spaces: Indoor use

This collection is primarily for outdoor use but can also be taken inside if desired. This allows for a multi-use textile product so can feel safe indoors, yet potentially watch the outside world from a window if they have the space.
Being inside near a window can also have positive effects such as allowing natural light and warmth through.

Looping and block design.

Made from plant yarns: Cotton & Jute twine.
All yarns dyed by hand.

Unlocked Spaces: Comfort pack

Unlocked Spaces: Comfort pack

This illustrated the "Comfort Pack" as a whole product.
The collection comprises of a rug, blanket and cushion of the users choice through creating varied designs, to suit their physical and visual needs. Some designs are softer in colour compared to others which contain bolder tones and unusual surface textures for stimulation.

A wrap band made from cactus leaf yarn also comes with the pack to make the textiles portable.

Made from plant yarns: Cotton, linen, cactus & Jute twine.
All yarns dyed by hand.

Unlocked Spaces: Visual

Unlocked Spaces: Visual

Visualisation showing a potential outdoor space to relax within.

Due to the pack being portable it can be taken to any space that is peaceful and allows mindfulness to take effect.

Eleanor Jayne Oldham

Eleanor is a textiles student specialising in woven design. Her woven collections are often inspired by natural and architectural elements with a keen interest in creating textiles to comfort the user.

Eleanor’s understanding of trends and seasonal textiles, allows her to adapt, and create fabrics that suit both indoor and outside space and that can be used all year round. Eleanor’s interest in sustainability has led her to select appropriate and biodegradable yarns. These include natural plant or animal fibres as Eleanor believes that using such materials paths the way forward for increasingly sustainable fashion and interiors. Throughout Eleanor’s woven collections she has honed her unique skill set. Eleanor’s work ethic allows in depth and independent research to be at the forefront of her concepts. The array of skills gained in surface pattern have allowed for successful and professional design to inspire weaving. Eleanor is keen to invest time into her initial drawings, using water colours to paint abstract florals and linear visuals. These drawings have led to further digital developments using the Adobe Suite, Photoshop and Illustrator, which have allowed her to create repeats and digital renditions from research. Eleanor’s research and design development skills have played a vital role in developing detailed woven collections. Techniques such as detailed water colour, dip and space dyeing techniques have inspired the colouring of warps. Eleanor’s keen eye for difference when designing has allowed her to develop a distinct ‘handwriting’ of sophisticated and well developed concepts through design work.

Eleanor’s‘Unlocked Spaces’ project takes inspiration from a variety of Maltese architecture. Structural openings, coupled with the display of natural plants and florals which lined doorways and window ledges has encouraged the projects vision.

Both mental and physical wellbeing has also been considered carefully in this project. Increasingly, people are spending more of their time indoors, which has a negative impact on mental and physical wellbeing. The biophilic theory was the drive and inspiration behind the project, in turn promoting a change on how textiles can be used outdoors.

Mental health issues are on the rise, and women in particular are suffering from this. The fast-paced, busy nature of life means there is an increased pressure on individuals. This concept, has inspired the development of an exciting, tactile and sustainable collection which can be used by women to enhance positive mental wellbeing.

Alongside sustainable yarns, the collection encompasses a calming colour palette to help with mental wellness, as the feel and look of a product can have a huge impact on the emotions it creates or takes away from the user.

With these elements in mind the ‘Comfort Pack’ was developed as a portable collection of outdoor textiles suitable for women living in Britain. The ‘comfort pack’ comprises of a hand woven rug and blanket, as well as a jacquard cushion with decorative tassels intended for outdoor use. Through exploring the biophilic theory this product aims to create a soothing and safe space for women to relax and unwind in natural surroundings. The materials used are not only practical, but are 100% natural, thus sustainable and economical. Using natural plant yarns and fibres, the ‘comfort pack,’ is a ‘one time buy’ product, helping reduce waste and promote sustainability.

With both hand rendered and digital processes being used throughout the project, I aspire to develop my textile design skills through future roles within both interior and fashion design based jobs.


Biophilic interior design within the office environment: A report looking at how creating interior spaces that look and react like natural, outside spaces, can allow for better mental wellbeing and work ethic amongst colleagues

Final year project

Unlocked Spaces


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies
'20 Exhibited designs at Premier Vision
'17 Bradford Textiles Society - British Wool - Commendation award
'17 Employability Award - Loughborough University
'17 School of the arts peer mentor
'16 Charity sky dive
'16 Textile course representative part A


Gaining design experience within printed fashion and accessories has been vital to the understanding and success of final design projects at university. This industry experience had given me skills to be able to design professionally for interior textiles using applied techniques and skills to understand how important concept, design and customer focus are.
Being aware of the many different processes an initial concept and design goes through before selling, was very useful in understanding the design and supply chain of textiles.
Working within both a design and a product development role and team whilst on placement, has given me valuable knowledge of how to connect with team members, how to successfully communicate with customers at a professional level and also understand the development and ideas process behind creating successful designs that work with a specific audience. It has also given me high level ability in programs such as Microsoft Excel and the Adobe Suite, in particular Bridge, Illustrator and Photoshop, as these were used every day for designing.
Being able to design for clients and meetings was very appreciated, as I felt trusted and part of the team as they allowed my designs to be included in their portfolio for customers to view.

Placement year was one of the most valuable experiences within my time at Loughborough University, and has allowed me to gain knowledge and make decisions about potential future jobs i could go into.


August 2018 - November 2018

Product Development Assistant , Buffalo Private Label

June 2019 - July 2019

Product Development Assistant , Buffalo Private Label

December 2018 - June 2019

Design Assistant, Branded Clothing International (BCI)