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Arts Degree Show

Twenty Twenty

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Honky Château

Honky Château

Initial fabric and drawing experimentations. The silk reflects the organic gentle movements that I have tried to capture in my drawings.

Honky Château

Honky Château

Here I have hand printed bleach onto a satin crepe so as to get a more controlled finished print. The print is finished off with delicate hand embroidery.

Honky Château

Honky Château

Rested fringing suspended from a charred wood shelf. The fringing is intended to be touched, moved and played with, how one positions the fringing I think can say a lot about their creative side.

Honky Château

Honky Château

Digitally rendered wallpaper print using initial observational drawings. This visualisation shows the the collection in a modern perspective, even though created with a historical influence.

Honky Château

Honky Château

Initial imagery used for observational drawing and textural reference.

Emily Morrison

I pride myself on creating design that shows originality and style, always with an underlying organic theme I aim to create luxury textiles that retain character and fluidity.

Naturally occurring marks and textures is where the initial inspiration for my work comes from, it is these textural qualities that I try to transfer into my textile pieces, whether from movement, nature or temporary positioning, these natural occurrences help to keep an organic undertone to my work. The design style of the 1970's has been a big influence on my final project 'Honky Chateau,' I found a love for it which I had not previously recognised and research into this period has enabled me to bring the kitsch aspect to my work that I was aiming for. Luxury, glamour, comfort, fun are all wrapped into one design period and channeling this helped me to inject the sense of character that I wanted into my designs. This collection aims to entice an audience, encouraging interaction in the form of touch and play, with the idea that you can read someones creative side by observing the interaction. I believe I have a strength in being able to convey a mood very strongly, whether through colour, materials or imagery. Hands-on practical processes as well as drawing are also strengths of mine. The luxury textile/design industry is where I can see my style of work positioned, interiors and accessories being areas I am interested in, however the door to the fashion industry is definitely not shut just yet.

Final year project

Honky Château


'17 Exhibited Premier Vision
'19 Assisted London Fashion Week SS19
'20 Diploma in Professional Studies


Julien Macdonald - Embroidery Intern:
During my time are Julien Macdonald I was lucky enough to work London Fashion Week, although hard work, the experience enabled me to think on my feet, show initiative where appropriate and see the works of a London Fashion Week show. My main jobs here were hand embroidery on couture garments and outsourcing materials and hardware.

Anna Valentine - Studio Intern:
With a completely different client base, my work at Anna Valentine enabled me to understand much more about good customer relationships and how important this was in this company. It was a very hands on placements and processes such as shibori, macrame, embroidery, fringing, were just some of the processes I carried out.

Parker and Jules - Studio Intern:
This placement was where I was able to build on my CAD skills the most, doing the odd bit of designing helped me to become familiar with programs as well as feeling like an actual employee rather than just an intern. Being the only one of the three that was an interior design based company, it was good to finish on being able to see how another area of the design industry worked.


July 2018 - October 2018

Embroidery Intern , Julien Macdonald

October 2018 - January 2019

Studio Intern , Anna Valentine

January 2019 - May 2019

Studio Intern , Parker and Jules