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Arts Degree Show

Twenty Twenty

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'ADAPT' transformable apron/ top/ cape 2 - 'ADAPT' transformable scarf/ cross body belt/ waist belt

'ADAPT' transformable apron/ top/ cape 2 - 'ADAPT' transformable scarf/ cross body belt/ waist belt

100% cream cotton denim embellished with frayed second-hand fabric, can transform between an apron, top or cape via a simple tye and 4 gold-plated press-studs.
Couched 100% cotton cord adorns second-hand 100% cotton, the textile can transform between a scarf, cross body belt and waist belt. Gold-plated eye-lets enable the textile to join with 'ADAPT' no waste transformable garment.

'ADAPT' transformable apron/ top/ cape 3

'ADAPT' transformable apron/ top/ cape 3

Screen printed Vat onto 85% Tencel, 15% linen, embellished with second-hand frayed and twisted fabric. This textile can transform between an apron, top or cape via a simple tye and 4 gold-plated press-studs.

'ADAPT' transformable length sleeve

'ADAPT' transformable length sleeve

Screen printed Vat onto 100% linen. Pleated sleeve shape designed so that the consumer can alter the length, shape and printed pattern via simple gold-plated press studs.

'ADAPT' transformable width sleeve

'ADAPT' transformable width sleeve

Hand painted and pleated second-hand 100% cotton, embellished with 100% cotton Sashiko stitch. Gold-plated eye-lets run through each pleat and are threaded with elastic cord to allow the consumer to alter the closeness of the pleats and distort the painted design.

'ADAPT' supporting prints

'ADAPT' supporting prints

A collection of painted prints to support 'ADAPT's textiles.

Erin Rhode

Erin is curious about the relationships we have with our clothing. Erin creates seasonless, 'transformable' textile collections, in hope that through increased use and personalisation a user-object relationship will form, making the user less likely to rid of the garment and consequently aiding longevity. By utilising second-hand,100% materials that will biodegrade, Erin's collections also aid a circular economy.

‘Adapt’ is a collection of seasonless transformable part-garment textile pieces, which aid the development of the circular-economy. The samples employ pleating and innovative pattern cutting in combination with metal and elastic cord fastenings, to allow for this transformability. Inspired by decorative antiques and Japanese design, slow hand processes are adopted such as, couching, Sashiko stitch, fraying and hand painting. Designs are both decorative and functional.
Previous collections have used processes such as; laser work, digital print, circuit making, paper making and wax fixing.
Erin has developed an experimental and thoughtful approach to design. Her paintings are expressive and rich in colour, her development is innovative and thorough, and her textiles are decorative and tactile.
Her strengths lie within painting, material manipulation and colour.


Transformable fashion for a sustainable future

Final year project



'20 Diploma in Professional Studies
'18 Hallmark's 'Friend-to-Friend Sends' M&S Competition Winner
'17 Exhibited at Charnwood Arts


Erin's industry experience is broad, and consists of working with; Fusion CPH (digital repeat prints), Jenny King Embroidery (embroidery studio), Sarah Arnett (Illustrator), John Moore Jewellery (Jeweller), Hallmark (card and packaging design), Sophie Darling (Printed textiles and bespoke clothing) and JAM interiors group (interior design).
Each placement had new challenges, for example using unfamiliar techniques whilst working under high pressure with a small team.
These experiences have significantly improved Erin's practical skills and knowledge in; drawing, painting, using a Wacom tablet/Photoshop/ Illustrator, hand-sewing, garment cutting, jewellery making, designing and more.


August 2018 - October 2018

Digital Print Designer: designed a collection of 6-10 digital repeat prints every 1-2 weeks, using Photoshop. Colour separated and coded digital prints. Over-locked printed designs., Fusion CPH

November 2018 - March 2019

Creative Studio Assistant: assisted the team through bespoke and production projects for Aspinal, Erdem, Harewood House, The Globe and Roksanda. Tasks included; aqua-film tracing, studding, hand-sewing, bonda-webbing, tassel-making and digital-embroidery., Jenny King Embroidery

March 2019 - April 2019

Studio Assistant: assisted John in making his jewellery range for galleries. Cleaned and fixed returned jewellery. Helped John make design decisions for a Goldsmiths fair necklace. , John Moore Jewellery