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Twenty Twenty

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Tahitian encounter

Tahitian encounter

‘Tahitian encounter’ is an acrylic composition intended for a statement wall mural. Inspired by the first impressions of Tahitian landscapes that were painted on the HMS Endeavour voyage, the piece exhibits revisits the first discovery of this land, providing a modern representation. The composition depicts an array of botanical discoveries from the region including the native flower of Tahiti – gardenia taitensis.

Tierra del Fuego - composition

Tierra del Fuego - composition

Tierra del Fuego is a charcoal composition that was developed into a signature interior length repeat. The composition depicts botanical discoveries from 'Tierra del Fuego' in Joseph Bank's Florilegium book, combined studies of plant photography from the same region of exploration.



‘Papakainga’ is a co-ordinate digital print for upholstery inspired by the Maori tribes and culture of New Zealand, with design elements inspired by findings such as tribal swords and paddles on the HMS Endeavour voyage. Papakainga is the Maori word for ‘patchwork’ and the basis of the print comes from traditional patchwork patterns on Maori clothing.

Ananas comosus

Ananas comosus

'Ananas comosus’ is an abstracted, layered screen print developed from rubbings of pineapple plants for upholstery. The pineapple plant is native to South America, integrating with the region and story of the collection. Layering foil and flock on velvet as demonstrated in this print creates luxurious tactile qualities.

Aechmea bromelia

Aechmea bromelia

‘Aechmea bromelia’ is a upholstery fabric with a screen printed texture layer on top. The print depicts an abstracted version of the aechmea plant which is native to South America and was documented as a botanical discovery on the HMS Endeavour voyage. The foiling layer adds lustre and and a tactile sheen into the print, complimenting the associate co-ordinate prints in the collection.

Faye Alicia Hollister

Faye is a creatively driven, diligent and passionate graduate who specialises in printed textiles. Her final major project portrays her enthusiasm for design, plant photography and creating illustrative prints adorned with intricacy, in a beautiful hand style. Her collection of botanical discovery prints are intended for luxurious boutique hotels that want to evoke a story within their walls.

The designers final collection ‘Florilegium Endeavours’ is an interior project that delves into an era of discovery and navigation, inspired by Captain Cook, Joseph Banks and their botanical and cultural discoveries whilst on the HMS Endeavour Voyage around the Pacific Ocean. These illustrations were curated into a book titled ‘Joseph Banks Florilegium’, which provided extensive context and drawing inspiration for the project.
Faye is audacious in her approach to design, adopting various mediums in her work as her drawing capabilities are extremely versatile. She is able to create refined colour palettes to support the context of her work and current trends. Her drawings derive from her vast array of botanical photography collected over her placement year from botanical gardens including Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, RHS Wisley and Kew Gardens. She also visited the ‘Orchids’ exhibition at Kew for two consecutive years which provided inspiring displays and compositions of tropical plants.
Relishing in the concept of projects, Faye enjoys researching through archives and visiting museum exhibitions to build a clear narrative within her work. She has a great awareness of market research and frequents at Chelsea Harbour to expand her knowledge of new collections and current design trends to inspire her work. Faye excels in CAD programmes and this is demonstrated in her capabilities in creating working repeats for signature prints which incorporate multiple layers and depth. She has developed outstanding screen printing skills and achieved an impressive 5 layer registered interior repeat length in her collection. Faye also has an eye for texture and appreciates prints with tactile and surface qualities, utilising flocks and foiling in her own work to present an experimental approach to screen printing, which juxtaposes her illustrative hand style.
Faye’s final major collection verifies that she is fully equipped to begin her prosperous career within printed textiles. Her capabilities in design make her easily adaptable to working within either the fashion or interior sector. She is eager and motivated to venture into this industry and expand her knowledge and understanding to progress as a designer.

Final year project

Florilegium Endeavours


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies
'19 Designs sold to companies internationally at FUSION CPH
'17/'18 Work exhibited at Premier Vision, Paris


Faye completed 5 placements over her year in industry across London, Glasgow and Copenhagen. She interned at Saloni London (Aug - Oct 2018), Pattern Textiles (Oct - Dec 2018), Bay & Brown (Jan – Mar), FUSION CPH (Mar – Jun 2019) and Timorous Beasties (Jun – Jul 2019). Her roles varied at each placement, allowing her to gain valuable insight into the creative fields of fashion and interior textile design.
During her year industry, Faye witnessed her drawing and CAD skills improve significantly, as the companies she worked for required her to use software daily and produce work efficiently. This was particularly apparent at FUSION CPH where she designed a collection of 6-8 prints each week, which gave her a great deal of responsibility within the company. Whilst working abroad Faye was able to overcome challenges such as adapting to living in a new culture and working environment, therefore is prepared for future job opportunities that involve travel or are situated abroad. Through overcoming challenges and adapting to the pace of working environments over her placements, Faye developed key transferable skills that she will take forward into her future career in the industry.


October 2018 - December 2018

Print Studio Design Intern, PATTERN Textiles Ltd

March 2019 - June 2019

Print Studio Design Intern, FUSION CPH

June 2019 - July 2019

Studio Intern, Timorous Beasties