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Arts Degree Show

Twenty Twenty

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Francesca Ward

Graphic Communication and Illustration

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Francesca Ward

I am a creative and imaginative visual communicator. My aim is to find a creative solution to client design issues. I have a particular interest in photography, branding and print media. I aim to create aesthetically pleasing, high-quality design that engages with the intended target audience.

My aim for rebranding Soulful’s ready meal ‘One Pot’, was to create a fresher and more alluring look that would appeal to new parents as a healthy ready meal for their child. This products intended target audience are new parents aged 26-30. To appeal to this target audience I have created a design that is playful and fun. Soulful Food aims to create balanced, globally inspired food for people on the go. This product was created to help customers tailor their eating habits to best suit their lifestyle, with their ready made meal. With a combination of the best local produce with flavours from all four corners of the globe, creating a great culturally diverse food without the air miles. Each One Pot has its own design and colour palette which reflects that flavour, creating a charming new look that has a more enjoyable approach to eating healthy.

For my second project, I rebranded Dynamite Gym to give it a brand new identity to help keep up with the local competitors. Due to Dynamite Gym's prime location for students, the intended target audience was 18-21 year olds. I wanted to create a sleek and modern design that would appeal to young people. I used a basic colour theme and focused on typography in this design. Creating promotional material for the rebrand was important to help promote Dynamite gym so I had to consider the most effective ways to promote its new look such as creating posters, an app and a website.

Final year project

Soulful Food One Pot/Dynamite Gym