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Arts Degree Show

Twenty Twenty

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Four triangle wall covering

Four triangle wall covering

The design, which contains four triangles per motif, becomes very powerful when placed into a repeat. By using a self-colour background the grey triangles are far more subtle, causing the juxtaposing orange triangles to pop. This creates a strong directional repeated design. I visualise this in a large cinema or reception area, made into a huge wall piece that covers an entire wall. The 100% wool felt has been chosen due to its absorbent noise cancelling qualities as well as the durability of the material. I hope this design will also encourage viewers to interact with the walls around them. They will be welcomed with soft, tactile walls rather than harsh, hard walls that so often surround us.

Generously gathered swirl, visualised alongside my digital print

Generously gathered swirl, visualised alongside my digital print

The generously gathered inserts that create the swirl were made by forming a long rectangle of the darker fabric and manipulating so that it gathered with in the higher fabric. The gathers on the outside of the swirl are loose, whereas on the inside they are pulled tighter. The material is dyed using Dylon dye after the piece was assembled. The inserts are soft and free moving, they can be manipulated to be pushed back or pulled in, this juxtaposes with the tightly pulled backing material that wraps the pillow. I styled this design with in its desired interior to create photographic visualisations. I then made the most of my Adobe photoshop skills to insert my blue digital print onto the wall.

Delicate circle repeat placement design

Delicate circle repeat placement design

A repeated circle motif using a fabric manipulation technique. It is displayed in a placement design. It is made of a self-colour crepe backed satin. This material is very delicate, matt on one side and shiny on the reverse. This adds extra texture to the soft, delicate piece. I hope its user will be able to brush their hand along the carefully placed texture, moving the circles in multiple directions. This will provide added comfort to their interior.

Soft veneer wood and felt repeat design

Soft veneer wood and felt repeat design

The delicate stitching within this piece represents the initial development, drawings and paper designs that have been brought through into this final design. I love the juxtaposition between the hard wood and the soft felt. When upscaled I would visualise the felt triangles to contain magnets. They could then be picked up and moved around the design. Creating a way for its users to be interactive with the wall covering.

The collection and me: 'taking the straight edge off'

The collection and me: 'taking the straight edge off'

Here is a portrait of my entire collection. Including my personal photography and initial drawing that inspired the collection, as well as my 'colour and inspiration' mood board and my 'process, application and material' mood board. This image displays the full collection. The aim of the collection is to create 'a space to interact, a space to be mindful, a space to connect with nature, a space to create.' It is an interactive material manipulation collection, an interior designed to incorporate reflective and absorbent materials. It is a sustainable collection that communicates a positive emotive space, encouraging the user to interact with it.

Imogen Ellen Kate Mitchell

Fabric manipulation textile artist focusing on stitch techniques.

The aims of the project 'Taking the straight Edge off' were as follows: 'A space to interact. A space to be mindful. A space to connect with nature. A space to create.' An interactive, material manipulated, interior collection that is designed to incorporate reflective and absorbent materials. It is a sustainable collection that communicates a positive atmosphere. My work focuses on all things stitch. Fabric manipulation is my primary technique. My pieces are dynamic, exciting and create texture, shadows and eye catching highlights. Designing and making beautiful textile wall hangings and upholstering is a dream I hope to capture in my future. As well as this I enjoy photography and styling shoots and to work within a large design team that focuses on these aspects specifically would be amazing. I have strong technical skills in textile practises such as print, weaving, hand and machine stitch, including using an industrial sewing machine, heat press knowledge and the use of a laser cutter/etch. My Adobe suite skills are strong, including Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and Lightroom. I can confidently develop work from initial research to extravagant final outcomes, portraying strong story telling and clear ideas.

Final year project

'Taking the straight edge off'


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies
My work was chosen to appear at Premiere Vision, Paris, for Loughborough University.
I was elected to be my University Hall's Stash representative by my peers. I was responsible for designing and organising the hall's events' merchandise, clothing and sportswear throughout the year. Alongside this I worked in a team with other members of the committee, we organised and managed events, and was also a point of contact for new students as they settled in to university if they required support.
Arts Prefect in school, leading and being the chosen representative for the Art, Drama and Music creative clubs and studies for students.


Paul Mitchell Photographer. I gained experience assisting Paul on location shoots around the country. Working in a large team with creatives including art directors, stylists and actors/models. I gained great experience of Adobe suites, professional Canon cameras, and working in very large creative teams to a deadline.
Whilst at Anne Kyrro Quinn I co-ran their stand at London Design week. This was a very exciting opportunity to work at a professional, large design show, communicating with other designers as well as clients.
I co-ran the Temperley pop-up Store in Somerset. This was a unique retail space, close to Alice Temperley's home. We ran the shop, leased with customers and colleagues, and were responsible for the sales made in store.
Ogilvy advertising agency, Shere, Receptionist.
Kinghams Restaurant, Waitress. I communicate well with customers and the restaurant team. I have a very positive and friendly approach to work.


September 2018 - December 2018

Jenny Packham: Beading Intern, Jenny Packham

January 2019 - April 2019

Intern: Maker, Anne Kyrro Quinn

May 2019 - July 2019

Wholesale Intern, Temperley London