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Arts Degree Show

Twenty Twenty

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Assemblage, multimedia (60x 100cm)
Assemblage of objects, displayed in vitrine table, found in Keiller's home.
1. Scottish Daily Mail newspaper
2. Keiller's sketchbook of birds
3. Reading glasses
4. Avebury monument's booklet
5. The Observer's book of wildflowers
6. Map
7. Binoculars
8. Map of Britain book
9. The Observer's book of birds' eggs
10. Leather binocular case
11. The Observer's book of fresh water fish



Assemblage, multimedia (60x 100cm)
Keiller's personal collections that were found within his home shortly after his disappearance, discovered during police investigation and donated to the Wiltshire Museum.
1. Collection of sea shells, thought to be collected from childhood
2. Shells
3. The Observer's book of sea and seashore
4. Small collection of pressed flowers
5. Collection of pressed flowers
6. Variety of birds' eggs
7. The Observer's book of birds' eggs
8. Variety of small birds' eggs

Journey to nowhere

Journey to nowhere

Collages on paper (60 x 42 cm) each without frame

Blood is thicker than water

Blood is thicker than water

Multimedia, glass jars, wood, water (79 x 81.5cm)
36 glass jars labelled and filled with water from rivers, becks, quarries and other natural water sources, mounted on wood shelving.

Bon voyage

Bon voyage

Paper, pins, labels (16 x 135cm)
Series of 8 maps of locations around Britain, from left to right, north being left south being right. Pinned locations relating to jars of collected water.

Jadene Imbusch

My current practice explores themes of documentary, narrative, relationships and social commentary. Through this I tend to work interdisciplinary across a variety of mediums. This project looks at the life of natural history collector Jeffrey Keiller, who was reported missing during the late 1970s. The work investigates elements and interests of his life, that tell his mysterious story through the form of a museum exhibition.

Within my work you can expect to see a small archive of objects, and installations. Through object I am exploring the narratives in which the objects hold, and how each object forms relationships with one another, and how they create relationships and narratives to us as the viewer. My work holds many concepts and ideas, and I want the viewer to create their own meanings and narratives within the work. I am often interested in history and our past, these objects I have collated and curated, form a collection, which tell a story of a man who has different and interesting relationships with his mother, father and the objects he collects.

Final year project

One for sorrow | Keiller collections


Throughout my degree I have managed to work across a variety of fields within the creative and cultural industry, from design intern, to museum collections care. Gaining experience from a variety of roles, has allowed me to earn new skills and adapt to the challenges and tasks each role may encounter. Due to working in various sectors it means that I have a lot of knowledge, and can apply and adapt myself too whatever is required. I am a quick learner, and enjoy engaging and working with others, as well as working independently. My strengths include making, and using my hands to create, often applied through sculpture, craft, textiles, prop making, painting etc. I have a keen eye for detail and colour and I enjoy new challenges, and have a passion for learning new skills, crafts and techniques.
During my placement year I had the opportunity to take place in a collaborative projects at Basement Arts in Leeds, I was given an artist residency there, that lasted several months. Working independently as an artist showed me what working as a professional artists entails, more info can be found out about that project in the link.


September 2018 - May 2019

Collections Care Volunteer, Science & Museum Bradford

July 2019 - August 2019

Intern Textiles Designer , Bay & Brown

June 2019 - September 2019

Artist in Residence , Basement Arts