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Bloom and bee garden design catalogue

Bloom and bee garden design catalogue

Bloom and Bee offer a service to new home buyers to offer them an option to choose to have their garden
landscaped before moving into their property as an added extra. This is a good opportunity for the property developer as it gives them the chance of making a profit on the work, as well as ensuring that multiple bee friendly gardens are implemented producing positive media as a company gives back to the environment. It is also a good
opportunity for many new home buyers, for example those who are particularly busy with full time jobs or maybe those who are older and may not be able manage the hard landscaping of a garden, to benefit from their garden
being landscaped before they move in.

The design options have been created with the wants and needs of different family’s in mind. Fitting to a standard size garden, the designs can be altered slightly to fit gardens of a different size or shape easily. Bloom and Bee have ensured that all the garden designs have elements that create the perfect bee friendly garden, some designs have more elements of wildlife habitat than others, but all would make a difference to the current issues of the declining bee population.

Bloom and bee website page

Bloom and bee website page

The Bloom and Bee website is built into the property developers main website via a link from the landing page. It can also be accessed directly through external links from social media and other advertising links. As the hub of the campaign, the website contains all the information and resources available through the Bloom and Bee campaign including information about the problems that we face because of the declining bee population, what is causing the decline and how Bloom and Bee are offering the property developers buyers a solution to help save bees.

Bloom and bee seeds

Bloom and bee seeds

These are the seed balls that users will find in their welcome packs. In a matchstick style box, the packaging is very eco-friendly and can be recycled. The branding is consistent, and imagery suggests a wildflower meadow that can be created using the seed balls. The seeds have been gifted for the welcome pack by ‘Seedballs’, who are working in collaboration with Bloom and Bee to help save the bees. This is a good marketing opportunity for ‘Seedballs’ as they will gain repeat and referral business. Bloom and Bee have decided to use seed balls rather than individual seeds as the seed balls are much easier to be successful with as the seeds are well protected within the ball. They require little maintenance and are easy to plant.

Bloom and bee candle

Bloom and bee candle

This is a candle that will be a part of the welcome pack. The candle is made by an existing resident from another new build site, using the bees wax from the community garden at this site to make the candle and the wildflowers from the bee friendly garden to create a scent. The packaging label includes visuals that can be found consistently throughout the branding, creating continuity throughout all assets. The label has a handwritten name on it, this will be the name of the person who made the candle, having this makes the candle more personal and will inspire the new homeowner receiving the welcome pack to take part in the community.

Bloom and bee calendar

Bloom and bee calendar

A set of A5 calendar cards is provided as part of the welcome pack. Each card offers an illustration that represents
the requirements in the garden for that month. It contains a list of suggestions of things new homeowners could
do in their garden during that month and a space for notes (like a regular calendar). The cards come in a A5 box
which can be used to store the cards, a wooden stand will also be included which will mean the user can display
the cards in the new home like a regular calendar.

Josie Hales

My passion lies in advertising and conceptual design, my work often explores interactive solutions that are inventive and unique.

My name is Josie Hales, and I am a talented, creative and resourceful Graphic Designer, aspiring to progress into the advertising industry. As you will see from my portfolio, I have a passion for conceptual design. I like to explore unique and interactive solutions that are visually pleasing and engage with the desired target audience.

I have a very definite eye for detail with particular reference to design. Through my experience studying at Loughborough and my work placements so far, I have already built a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates my skills as a diverse, flexible and creative designer.

My final major university project is Bloom and Bee, a brand built and owned by a high-end residential property developer. The property developer largely build in rural locations, where planning regulations around retaining the natural environment are very strict. As a result, the developer created Bloom and Bee to provide new buyers with the information and resources they might need to create a wildlife friendly environment that will attract and conserve the UK’s natural bee population. The build up to the campaign creates awareness and the solution is offered through the welcome pack and community garden opportunities once the purchase of a new home is completed.

I chose to complete one project that contains multiple assets to enable me to demonstrate my ability to deliver a project from beginning to end utilising a range of different skills applied across a range of media.

Final year project

Bloom and Bee


Throughout my graphic design journey so far I have had delivered many projects and campaigns that I have been so proud of. Two things which particularly stand out for me are:
(1) Designing and producing assets for Pentel UK's social media pages. These have been published on @penteluk instagram and liked by thousands of people.
(2) Illustrating garden designs which have been approved by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), having my designs approved by big organisations such as the RHS is something I am very proud of.
(3) Designing an interactive Autism awareness campaign. This poster series was adopted by a special school in Worcester and used to promote Autism awareness within the school and the local community.


I have completed a number of work experience placements with a range of different companies within the design industry. Two examples are:
(1) McCann Central, the UK's largest marketing communications integrated agency.
During this placement I was involved in the delivery of several social media projects for multiple clients. Working alongside their highly experienced team and on some high profile projects was a great opportunity. I delivered social media assets for multiple large multi-national organisations which have been published on their social media platforms. Working outside of my comfort zone in a high paced environment within the design industry was an extremely useful exercise and had prepared me well for my future career.
(2) Frog Design, a creative design consultancy owned by Altran ( a large global engineering and R&D organisation).
My work at Frog Design allowed me to experience working with a smaller team. Working with different members of the team throughout my placement allowed me to learn about the different requirements of the design and development journey from beginning of a project through to the end result. I produced a set of concept designs for the interior of their new offices in London. My ideas were extremely well received and have subsequently been implemented as part of the new interior design.