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Arts Degree Show

Twenty Twenty

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Hands, 2019

Hands, 2019

Paper-mache hands created for a large installation figure titled 'Motherboard'.
Different parts of Motherboard have a different purpose within the larger narrative, in this instance the Hands, which would be placed cupped together, would hold the pile of Bois once exhibited - suggesting that the larger figure is caring and protective.

Materials: paper-mache, chickenwire, household and acrylic paint.
Measurements: Left hand- Height: 108cm Width : 86cm Depth: 28cm
Right hand- Height: 108cm Width: 90cm Depth: 30cm

Feast 2, 2020

Feast 2, 2020

Feast 2 is an interactive painting. When spun the viewer can follow the animation around to reveal the green figure consuming the other in a loop.

I finished painting Feast in semester 1, however I was dissatisfied with the outcome as when spun the painting would blur (Feast 1 and other works are available to view in my online portfolio and Instagram).
I decided to critically reflect, research, and refine the piece into Feast 2, which was more technically successful than its predecessor. Now when the painting was spun, the painted animation was more identifiable, continuous and dizzying.

Piggy, 2019

Piggy, 2019

‘Piggy’ is an interactive animated toy which is activated by pressing a button on its bottom. Combined, its anthropomorphic body, the presence of a voice, and its manner of movement all create a strong sense of the uncanny. The placement of the button and the character’s response when activated aim to comment on human excess and sexuality.

The exaggerated noise, movement, and colour of ‘Piggy’ aim to evoke a happy response from the viewer through its ridiculous nature.

Materials: Plastic armature, movement mechanism and speaker, polymer clay, faux fur, felt and glass beads. 
Measurements: L: 35cm H: 25cm

Vanity, 2020

Vanity, 2020

Hypermodernity is a term used to describe the current state of our society. A hypermodern society is a society characterised by a culture of hyper consumption, hyper narcissism ... and paradoxes (Charles, 2005; Lipovetsky, 2005).

Throughout this academic year I have focused on researching and understanding hypermodernity and the current state of our society.

This understanding gave me the confidence to explore and depict the more selfish individual in works such as Motherboard, Feast 2 and Vanity. (Although Motherboard is not directly a depiction of the individual, but instead a depiction of the Internet/search engine that encourages the hypermodern individualistic behaviour).

Materials: faux fur, felt, hollow fibre, polymer clay, acrylic paint, glaze.
Measurements: Height:16cm Length:45cm Width:12cm

Pile of bois, 2019 - 2020

Pile of bois, 2019 - 2020

Figures titled Bois (and relevant adaptations: Vanity, Piggy) were created as genderless witty impressions of the everyday human beings. Depicting the more monstrous yet fascinating parts of ourselves that we often hide.

The first trio of dolls titled 'Bois' were created in 2018 and ever since I have worked on lore and narratives surrounding these figures.
In 2019- 2020 I started a year long project where I created at least one 'Boi' doll a day. Part of development for the piece 'Motherboard' and a way to stay productive daily.

Materials: Felt, thread, plaster, acrylic paint.
Size varies – (on average) Height: 10cm Width: 6cm Depth: 3cm

Kerolaina Linkevica

I am a multi-disciplinary artist currently exploring themes of consumerism, reality and gender in the context of the contemporary Western society.

I am passionate about creating artwork that relates and attracts the audience through its context and appearance. Thus my artwork is often playful, using a combination of saturated colours and soft materials to encourage curiosity. Once the audience is attracted to inspect the work closely, I aim to tackle more unpleasant themes that comment on the human experience through the grotesque details of the work.

By creating multi-disciplinary work ranging from animation to installations, I have had to opportunity to work with a range of media. As a result, I am proficient in software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dragonframe etc. As well as traditional media, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, sewing, printmaking etc.

I am an avid learner and creator of a diverse range of artworks. I enjoy digging through creative and technical challenges with the goal to develop ideas into successful outcomes. I hope to further my career in an environment where I am able to utilise my creative skills in order to help and benefit others.

Final year project

The Nursery


During my degree some of my biggest achievements were exhibiting in a number of group shows. By exhibiting my work in a few group shows and co-curating two of them I gained significant understanding of art handling, gallery management and collaboration. Furthermore, during my university degree my area of research (specifically in 2019 and 2020) was on curatorial practice, which has provided me with additional contextual and technical knowledge that is most beneficial in a gallery setting.

Exhibition experience:
'20 ‘Visual Impact’, Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry
'20 ‘Welcome Matt Exhibition, Loughborough University (Exhibiting and co-curating)
'19 ‘Girls, Girls, Girls exhibition’, Prism Gallery, Blackburn
'19 ‘Something not nothing’, Martin Hall Gallery, Loughborough University (Exhibiting and assisting)
'19 ‘Welcome Matt Exhibition, Loughborough University (Exhibiting and co-curating)


My freelance work experience includes: Painting a mural for the Charnwood Police station offices, as well as two outdoor murals painted at the Golden Fleece Bistro, Loughborough.
I have also developed graphic t-shirt designs for a musical artist Bobbing (USA) in 2019. And painted outdoor blackboards for Fiume Restaurant (Wolverhampton,2017) Griffin Bar (Loughborough,2018) and Golden Fleece Bistro (2019).
As a result of my freelance work experience I have gained a clear understanding on how to work with a high degree of autonomy. Refining and completing artwork according to client’s specifications, with utmost quality and care.

My most challenging commission was the larger mural created for the Golden Bar Bistro - due to its size (9 meters in length x 4 meters height). As this was my first mural I made sure to research every aspect of the process, making sure I made the right decisions for the client and myself throughout the commission.
The overall experience from the opportunity to working on such a large project to seeing the happy reactions from the public and the clients was incredibly exciting and rewarding.

Additional work experience includes 4+ years working front of house in the food service industry. Through my previous work experience in fast-paced restaurants and cafes I believe I have developed strong communication and customer orientated skills.