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Arts Degree Show

Twenty Twenty

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Gridded distraction

Gridded distraction

I created a video compiled of multiple different fragments, together making a fractured whole.

Libby Wheatcroft

My work aims to present my personal experience of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), illustrating the difficulties it causes with processing information and attention.

I explore different ways of translating these symptoms, through video, a cacophony of sound and disjunctive text. I use technology to manipulate my recordings amplifying their desired effect, using rhythm, repetition and fragmentation as tools in controlling the viewer attention. My work aims to provoke certain feelings in the viewer, of over stimulation and disorientation as they try to interpret and comprehend the scattered scenes I create, across different senses. My practice developed from video to installation, creating physical, immersive environments to illustrate an ADHD experience.
Throughout my time at Loughborough I have acquired a wide range of skills and have had the opportunity to broaden my practice with access to myriad materials and processes. I work well experimentally and am very easily adaptable and changeable, allowing my interest and skill set to be constantly growing. I find interest and value in whatever task I am set, ranging from painting, to sculpture, to print, to video and sound and installation. A positive feature of the condition is the risk taking elements, I am impulsive and am quick at decision making, allowing tasks to run smoothly and efficiently.
I started my own business two years ago, painting portraits on hoodies, evidencing more refined and detailed painting skills. This has been a success for me and I plan to expand on this whilst looking for jobs in other fields. I am interested in experimental video, fine art film, shooting and editing film, as well as painting and photography.

Final year project

My fragmented reality


'19 Supported at fashion promotion event on London Bridge. Displaying work at 'Creations' event, run by fashion designer Yaku Stapleton
'19 Video interview for 'Making Waves' with Youtuber and fashion ambassador Luke Trottman
'19 Welcome Mat Gallery, Loughborough - Group Exhibtion
'17 Oaklands College - Distinction in Art and Design Foundation Diploma


I have acquired experience running my own business. I set up a domestic business where I paint portraits on hoodies, I have sold over 150 items and have created a large profit margin. This has taught me management and organisation skills, negotiation skills and has developed my painting skills significantly.