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Twenty Twenty

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Finding orbit poetry: No lack of taste

Finding orbit poetry: No lack of taste

One of the pages within the book, this one about the way one rambles and loses track of the point of a conversation.

Multi-species thinking project: Harmony

Multi-species thinking project: Harmony

Another piece in the Multi-species thinking project, showcasing a consistent aesthetic with the first illustration.

Together we thrive: Commerce

Together we thrive: Commerce

This is one of the 5 pillars of the HSBC brand and one of the 5 pieces of the illustration spread. This one represents trade and commerce, but the other 4 are:
- Sustainability
- Diversity and Inclusivity
- Education
- Sport
As you can see on the first spread, each part represents this idea and the ideas of people who exemplify this.

Max Miller

I am an Illustrator, designer and visual communicator, focusing on branding.

I have worked on three projects I'm wanting to show off on this website. I worked on an HSBC branding project called "together we thrive" for the D&AD competition. I wanted to showcase my unique creative vision which can enhance and build on the strength of a brand and show my understanding of brand identity. I worked on a project called "the multispecies thinking project" commissioned from a university in Japan. I did this to showcase my understanding of illustration and my strength of drawing and illustration, creating highly detailed and interesting renders of professional quality. I also worked on a poetry book project, which is much more personal a project, which I wanted to use to showcase my understanding of writing, narrative and the unique way in which we can tell stories or capture feelings to create a better world to live in. Each project I did was chosen to showcase my current strongest characteristics as a designer, though I am well versed in many facets of design, UI/UX being incredibly interesting to me.
These projects also show where my main interests lay. I love character design and narrative, hoping one day to make my own graphic novels and stories, as well as to work on the graphics and designs for games. I would love to be involved in the art direction and creative side of game design and creation at all levels, eventually leading an art team or being a creative director would be my dream.


Over the rainbow - The rebranding of the LGBT+ community in western culture

Final year project

Together we thrive / The multi species thinking project / The poetry book


- I along with a group of my peers won a competition to have my work exhibited in the somerset house art gallery helping create an installation called "DID YOU KNOW".
- I worked as a digital marketing intern for London School of business for 3 months.
- I worked part-time as an illustrator for the be the change project (who I still take commissions from and keep in contact with).
- I worked as a digital design specialist in America for 3 months, helping to teach graphic design skills to children of all ages and helping them understand basic print technology and a variety of digital software.