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Arts Degree Show

Twenty Twenty

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Ethereal armour corset (2020)

Ethereal armour corset (2020)

Alluring the male gaze, the corset appears as an interactive toy only to transform into a threatening weapon. Shunning the eyes of it's viewer as it's seductive nature is replaced by the authoritative presence of the wearer.

The underwear evening gown (2020)

The underwear evening gown (2020)

Material: Underwear, thread, zips and mesh gloves.

Demonstrating sisterhood and solidarity in the unification of women's underwear transformed into an elegant evening gown, this dress becomes an empowering garment and armour as the wearer is supported by the lives of many women.

Curtain dress (2020)

Curtain dress (2020)

Material: Curtain fabric, poppers, hooks, buttons and thread.

The playful nature of hanging vines and undoing mechanism invite the viewer to interact with this deceitful garment. Envisioning a puzzle, it becomes a tool of trickery as the viewer is confronted with authoritative statements and facts to expose them of their abuse of power.

Power through language - Workshop (2020)

Power through language - Workshop (2020)

Using materials donated by women, I invited victims of assault to come together to discuss their experiences and help them determine self empowerment through language and craft. Creating an environment to revive their voice and together demonstrating the power of solidarity.

Millie Barrow

Through dress making, I create armour that transforms victims of sexual assault into an empowered ethereal beauty.

To be rendered voiceless is to be dehumanized, this lies at the centre of women’s history and violence against women. My garments become a weapon that transforms victims of sexual assault into an empowered beauty with a dominating voice. The interaction of undoing, allures the predatory male gaze, only for them to be shunned and dismissed by the ruling voice of the wearer embroidered on underwear critiquing issues of consent and violence against women.

Ethereal Armour is the first piece of armour to be worn by a victim. It marks the beginning of a journey to create for an army of women who are fighting to regain their voice within a battle of violence against women.


Feminist performance art and its re-enactments: Examining the evolution of feminism through artistic re-enactments

Final year project

Ethereal armour (2020)


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies


September 2018 - March 2019

Art Teacher , SEK International School, El Castillo, Madrid.

March 2019 - September 2019

Volunteer - Classroom assistant and community workshop organizer. , Queens Park Art Centre