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Arts Degree Show

Twenty Twenty

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Thinking through making

Thinking through making

Handwoven tapestry (middle) utilising traditional techniques alongside hand-rendered digital designs to form a triptych.

Ode to Belogradchik

Ode to Belogradchik

Hand-dyed and woven cotton warp with second-hand wool weft. The cotton yarn was salvaged from Scrapshack Community Stoke, and donated by a mill in Ashbourne, Staffordshire.

The threads that connect us

The threads that connect us

Gradient stripes and extra warp made up of wool, pure silk bourette, wool boucle and cotton.

The final collection: A visual study

The final collection: A visual study

Curating a space for story-telling. Textiles and objects provide an opening to the conversation around craft and community, allowing the viewer to share their own stories.

Balkanska Istoriya

Balkanska Istoriya

Fabrics from semester 1 final collection - Balkanska Istoriya. The project focuses on traditional Bulgarian ceramics, research from the British Ceramics Biennale at Spode (2019, Stoke-On-Trent) and elements of the Cyrillic alphabet. Jacquard double cloth fabrics woven using wool, mohair loop, cactus silk and cotton.

Nadine Wilde

Nadine is a woven textile designer with a focus on craft, curation and storytelling. Her heritage as half Bulgarian, half English has a huge influence on the way she works. The synergy of both cultures is expressed through the materials and processes used and aims to bridge the gap between contemporary design and craftsmanship, shining a light on tradition and heritage in a new way.

Modern Ways comprises visual research from the journey along the winding road to one of the last Bulgarian weaving villages - Chiprovtsi and time spent with the weavers in the village. Documented through a series of mark-making and collage studies, the research is translated into contemporary designs for textiles with the aim to communicate a narrative of hand-skill, community and culture. This project is an exploration of connection, with the intention of creating deeper and more meaningful relationships to the textiles we surround ourselves with and draws from the values and principles that surround tradition and craft. In the context of this moment we are collectively living through, it is apparent more than ever, the need to connect people and the planet and as designers to challenge our material choices, to be adaptable to unfamiliar ground and to work in new, modern Ways.


The relevance of craft today: Understanding the role of the craftsperson and the importance of reconnecting people to craft

Final year project

Modern ways - The interaction between past and present


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies
'19 Worshipful Company of Weavers - Scholarship recipient
'19 Making It In Textiles Conference Bradford - Selected to attend
'18 Première Vision Paris - Designs exhibited


November 2018 - April 2019

Studio assistant, product design and making prototypes, LRNCE

April 2019 - June 2019

Weaver, stylist and studio assistant, Anna Champeney

July 2019 - August 2019

Weaver and studio assistant, Rare Thread